Available timetable APIs:

Example call:

You can send GET or POST request to api url. The request takes parameter r which should be a json string formatted as described below. If you are developer and you need token, send email to mikolicjan@gmail.com.

parameter r format:

    "f": "functionName",
    "p": ["array", "of", "parameters"],
    "t": "token"

example call:

http://urnik.janm.si/feri/?r={"f":"bakeMeACake","p":["chocolate", "milk", "bananas"],"t":"superSecretApiToken"}

Time on server

All date-time values are saved as Epoch timestamps (number of seconds since since January 1, 1970). Timezone on server is UTC+0. You have to take this into account when dealing with timestamps.

By Jan M - http://janm.si